Our Software

At the moment, we're too busy building things for our clients to work on software for mass consumption. Below are a few examples of custom software we've built for existing clients:


ServiceButtons is a great example of the kind of labor-saving product we can build for our customers. It was built from scratch for a company that performs regular services for its own clients, with the goal of improving the accuracy of and reducing the amount of work associated with the daily service logs filled out (previously on paper) by service technicians.

More formally, ServiceButtons is an administrative tool that makes it easy for service technicianns to keep track of what they did all day and eliminates most of the data entry work for the office staff after each workday is complete.

Technicians use a variety of iButton products to track their work each day, and then drop their iButton readers off at the office to be input overnight or the next day. The office staff then attaches the readers to a computer, opens the logs, and double-checks the work schedule. After fixing any mistakes, the staff can simply click the export button to get the time into a service product for reporting and billing.

ServiceButtons is not for sale or available for general use at this time, since it is in some ways very specific to the client we built it for. However, we may decide to make it available as a public product in the future.


Manifest is an example of how sometimes quick and easy solutions can serve well over time. Manifest is a simple listing tool for files and folders, and was built to address a small, specific, repetitive task at another of our clients. You give it a location, it tells you what's there, possibly with certain exclusions or alterations.

Manifest has both an easy-to-use graphical shell and a command-line interface for use in automation scripts or integration into other programs. It was originally developed to help build lists of files that a patching/installation program should include, but can be applied in many other areas.

The beauty of this product is in its quick and easy return: Manifest took less than one day to build, and is now used almost every day, saving a few minutes of time just as often. Although it isn't much individually, the savings of convenient, cheap, small tools like this one can really add up over time.

Although only custom software is available at present, we do hope to make some of our tools available for general use. For more information about these or other product ideas, please get in touch .